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Addtional Login options for Facebook instructions are below: Please read first:

If you are already registered with Talent Jack Search, and you also want to use Facebook as a login option, follow the instructions below. Note: For this to work, your email must be the same as the email you use in Facebook. If not, then it won’t work.

  • Login. Once logged in, you will see your name as shown, Hi, You will be taken to a manage screen.  Click the link next to External Logins [Manage].

  • Select Facebook, and then select Add.

  • The next time you log-in, both options will be available for you. Regular login and Facebook login.


If you want to register and login using Facebook, and have not yet registered under the Talent Jack Registration, then follow the below instructions.

  • Select Login at the top of the screen.

  • Select the Facebook button

  • Facebook will confirm who you are. Once verified, you will then be logged in. you will see your email at the top of the screen that you utilize for Facebook.

  • Note: If your Facebook is no longer active, or if you temporarily closed the account, you may not be able to register using Facebook. We recommend to alternately, click your email at the top of the screen after you logged in ("Hi,") this will take you to the Manage screen. Select Create, to create a password. This will allow you to log in to Talent Jacks Search without Facebook.


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