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MISSION STATEMENT - Talent Jack is a premier talent directory that provides talented individuals with the capability to create a professional portfolio to promote their talent to extended audiences across the United States, become discovered by key industry recruiters and collaborate with other members. Our key objective here at Talent Jack is to assure our members that through our platform they will have the opportunity to showcase their talent and professionalism, however, the most significant service we provide is internal and external networking. The majority of professionals in our society live by the rule "it’s not what you know, but who you know" and this is why the networking service we provide for our members is an integral component to their success. Talent Jack is determined to give its members the best of both worlds by allowing individuals to showcase what they know while simultaneously establishing relations with important contacts that can elevate their aspirations into dream careers. An additional goal our team has set forth to achieve is to use Talent Jack to remind those who have lost hope along the journey of pursuing their dreams, and those who are too doubtful to take their first steps, that giving up on your ambitions is the greatest regret in life. Talent Jack wants to assure talented individuals that by consolidating confidence with determination and by utilizing the promotional networking platform we have created… anything is possible.

VISION STATEMENT - A great disparity exists between the Talent Jack of today and the Talent Jack of tomorrow. Currently in the early stages of its formation, Talent Jack seeks to create a strong foundation and expand its membership to encompass talented individuals with different backgrounds from every corner of the country. In the near future, Talent Jack projects itself to become the primary entity in transforming various industries with its extensive talent directory by serving as a bridge connecting the most talented individuals in the country with top industry recruiters who are endlessly searching for special talent.

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